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Umee PPSU Bottle 260ml Single

RM 62.90

The bottle’s ergonomically shaped teats and the unique one-piece air vent provide a steady liquid flow released when the baby suckles. This gives you better control over liquid flow to facilitate combining breast and bottle feeding. The advanced teat and air vent also reduce the vacuum effect to help reduce colic symptoms.

The Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold when feeding and effortless to clean, Umee PPSU series is made from PPSU, a strong, safe, heat resistant and highly durable material that is less smell and taste absorbent, more scratch resistant and discolors less than other materials. The bottle does not contain Bisphenol A or Phthalates and is made of FDA approved materials.


The unique air vent design allows air into the bottle reducing colic symptoms on the one hand while stopping leaks on the other. Furthermore it allows your baby ultimate control over the liquid flow. The one piece air vent ensures proper use and an easier and faster clean.


The utouch nipple is designed for an easy flow and has a soft touch feel when feeding. Its unique nipple shape allows you to balance perfectly between bottle and breast feeding . All bottles come with a sealing cap and easy grip screw ring helping you hold the bottle with ease when feeding.


Utouch ergonomic designed bottle shape makes it easy for holding when feeding whileits wide neck allows fast and thorough cleaning. This bottle is made out of PPSU, a strong, safe and highly durable material which does not contain Bisphenol A.


The utouch bottle fits perfectly with our original, transparent, add-on insulator. It ensures the liquids heated temperature is kept longer while feeding, providing your baby a healthy and natural feed, just like when breast feeding. It is simple to use and thanks to its transparent material you can follow closely the amount that your baby has fed.