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Umee 220ml Soft Spout Training Cup Purple

RM 45.90


The umee training cup is ideal for an easier transition from bottle to cup, teaching your baby to drink on their own. It has a soft spout which, together with the umee advanced vent, only requires the baby to perform a gentle sucking action to drink. The umee ergonomic easy teething soft spout is designed to protect gums and palate while teething. The cup has all the benefits of an umee bottle, including a non-spill valve to prevent leakage. The gentle feel of the soft spout and the flexi-handle facilitates a natural transition from the umee bottle and teat, to encourage babies to feed on their own, one step at a time. The cups are made of a clear and colorful PP (Polypropylene) material that is Bisphenol A and Phthalates free, providing your baby a stylish, healthy, safe, and easy to use product.

Recommended for 6 months+.

The cup contains:

  • Easy teething soft spout 
  • Non-spill valve 
  • Flexi-handles 
  • Hygiene cap 220ml capacity cup 
  • BPA and Phthalate free


A unique air vent helps your baby drink easily and comfortably with minimal effort. It also has a special valve that stops spills.


The ergonomic soft spout shape is especially designed to allow an easier transition from bottle to cup and to protect gums and palate while teething.


Umee flexi handles ensure the cup is easy to hold and comfortable to grip while drinking.


The Umee cup is designed to fit our original add on insulator assuring the liquid’s freshness is maintained for longer.


1. Insert the non-spill valve into the spout and push into place.

2. Place the spout into the screw ring and pull until it sets into place.

3. Place the vent adaptor on the cup and make sure the knob fits perfectly into the cup neck notch.

4. Place the handle on the cup neck and push gently.

5. Close the screw ring with the spout on the cup. Do not close the screw ring on the cup when the vent adaptor is not in place, otherwise the cup cannot be assembled properly and will not function.